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Through this service you can visit all the locations in Bolivia. Climatological information also available in this chart. The application lets you know the temperatures and current weather throughout the country.

VISIT BOLIVIA imagery brings the ability to zoom in and out to display the map. You can control the map with your mouse or arrow keys to move to the desired location.

Map La Paz

Map Lago Titikaka

Map Tiwanaku

Map Madidi

Map Oruro

Map Salar de Uyuni

Map Sucre

Map Potosí

Map Tarija

Map Santa Cruz

Map Pampas del Beni

Map Cochabamba

Map Pando

Map Uyuni Digital

Mapa digital de Uyuni


Magri Turismo
Grupo Rosario - Hoteleria y Turismo
Turisbus Operador Turístico
Millenarian Tourism & Travel

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