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The zone of Yungas in Bolivia is an Eco Region of thick forests and exuberant flora, with a fauna living in harmony with Mother Earth. It is a place located in the Department of La Paz, where rivers, roads forests and mountains have become a favorite destination for Adventure Tourism.

In La Paz area it is divided into two provinces: Nor Yungas and Sud Yungas, in the first province are located villages such as Coroico, Coripata and Yolosa, while the most beautiful village of the second one is Chulumani.

Very important tourist activities are carried out in these tropical areas of the Department of La Paz, on first place is the tour around the Death Road, a dangerous path which edge is surrounded by kilometers of ravine. On the other hand sports like paragliding cycling long-winded, mountain climbing and hiking are practiced by tourists coming from distant countries, in the interest of knowing an area which is still maintaining its biodiversity and ecology.

In Yungas lives the ethnic group Tocaña of the Afro-bolivian community, who are direct descendants of the first men of color brought by the Spaniards from Africa to work in the colonial mines.

Coroico is one of the municipalities with the greatest tourist tradition of the country, one of its main attractions is the Death Road descending from the Summit of La Paz and in an approximately 3 to 4 hours down to the Yungas of La Paz. From this point it goes down-hill and you can see the changing landscape and scenery. The air is warmer and the vegetation becomes; and one is with nature, the stunning scenery and a warm climate.


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